GC Base


Our GC Base is a stable platform for your “Spots Unlimited Gaffers Control 14/28”.

A perfect addition to your „Gaffers Station“!


Made from black anodised aluminium, the GC Base comes with a Spigot which can be screwed into the GC Base and then fixed to a Griphead.

For easy storage (and safekeeping,) the spigot can be magnetically attached to the plate. The two fixed posts slide into the two rear underside cavities of the Gaffers Control case. 


Your GC Base is made to order, so please allow for about three weeks of delivery time.


W 160mm, H (plate) 5mm, H (incl. posts) 86mm, 690gr 



220,00 €

  • verfügbar / available
  • 1st week of August1

* Endpreis inkl. MwSt.,  exkl. Versandkosten