FaderLux Viewing Glass


The FaderLux Viewing Glass is 60 mm in diameter, 11 mm thick and weighs 48 gr.


It is made from anodized aluminium and comes with a padded travel pouch and lanyard plus a handmade neoprene cover for wearing it around the neck.


The "Luxury" version has a leather cover and lanyard instead. 


FaderLux Viewing Glass, Gafferglas, Grauglas

The Viewing Glass is available in sixteen different colour combinations.


The body is black or silver and the knurled ring black, green, red, nickel, purple, blue, silver or silver glossy. 


FaderLux Viewing Glass Mini

The Mini Viewing Glass is only available in black with a red ring.

It is 53mm in diameter, 7mm thick and weighs 31gr.


It comes with a Polyester travel pouch and lanyard or with a leather cover and lanyard.


All Viewing Glasses can be personalised with an individual laser engraving. These are an extra item in the shop.