FaderLux Viewing Glass, pan glass, gaffer's glass
Michael Walsh

 I´m Michael Walsh, and I have been working in the German film business for the last 20 years. Working as an Electrician, Best Boy and Gaffer.


A couple of years ago, I stumbled upon an idea of how to photograph an eclipse of the sun, by incorporating 2 Pol filters and an UV filter.


Since then I have found my contraption extremely useful at work as well, and I started thinking about how to make it into a practical and handy tool for people in my department and the camera department. 


Because UV-protection is all too often completely neglected in our business.


However, it was only after I had met Scholli, Dolly-Grip by profession but also a qualified and very enthusiastic Precision Mechanic, that it all became a reality! 



FaderLux Viewing Glass, pan glass, gaffer's glass

Only days later, our first prototype was finished and we gave it to some of our colleagues to test in the field.


And listening to their feedback and their ideas the FaderLux Viewing Glass was born.


FaderLux Viewing Glass, pan glass, gaffer's glass
Purple and Nickel

An extra feature we devised is the engraved scale which you can use for selecting ND gels and filters. 

I really like that, it makes things a lot easier.


I hope you´ll find our FaderLux Viewing Glass a useful tool and that you enjoy working with it as much as I do!


Read more about us and our story in this article from the BVB magazine (Federal Association Light & Grip Germany):