Materials and Variants

The FaderLux Viewing Glass is 60 mm in diameter, 11 mm thick and weighs 48 gr.



It is made from anodized aluminium and comes with a padded travel pouch and lanyard plus neoprene cover for wearing it around the neck.

FaderLux Viewing Glass (contrast glass / gaffer's glass)
FaderLux Viewing Glass (production)


All the FaderLux´s metal parts are manufactured in Hamburg, Germany.


Then we have them anodized and engraved, also by local companies.

Finally, each Viewing Glass is assembled and calibrated by hand in our own workshop.

The Viewing Glass is available in twelve different colour combinations: 

The body is black or silver and the knurled ring black, red, bronze, purple, blue or silver. 

All combinations are possible.


FaderLux Viewing Glass (contrast glass / gaffer's glass)


You can also personalise your FaderLux with an individual laser engraving. These are an extra item in the shop.

FaderLux Viewing Glass (colours)
FaderLux Viewing Glass (production)


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